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Think that's a bold statement to make? You're absolutely right. Let us show you how Thundercloud can make Desktop as a Service a reality for all budgets, from lean startup to cost-conscious enterprise. 

Thundercloud provides you the ability to reduce operating costs, enable mobility, utilize your current infrastructure and have much more robust backup & disaster recovery systems, and to secure data across your infrastructure.

Our Desktop as a Service will outperform your local desktop. 

Unlimited access to your workspace without restrictions to location or device.

Enable your business to be secure while on the move anywhere, any time, on any device.

Effectivly scale your business without effort or large capital upfront cost.


Future proof your business with Thundercloud DaaS and leverage your existing IT investment.

Eliminate upfront capital expenses and save with a fully managed desktop service solution.

Remove IT management burdens and simplify your business with a secure, safe solution.

Access and manage your desktops anywhere.

No extra networking or virtualization required.

GPU enabled for rich multi-media.

Reduce operating costs, enable mobility, while utilizing your current infrastructure.

Enable centralized security, control, and backup and disaster recovery solution.